Senior Monitoring Engineer


InCountry is helping companies meet the increasing complexity of data residency and data protection laws globally by enabling companies to quickly address data residency issues in a secure manner. Required experience:● Zabbix and/or Prometheus >2 years● ELK stack >2 years● Linux administration >3 years● At least basic scripting — python, bash● At least basic experience with ansible and/or terraform● Familiarity with either one of the cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba)● Work in distributed teams● English A2+ or higher Responsibilities:● Support monitoring system Zabbix + ELK + Grafana (5 installations)● Participating in CICD process of monitoring automation (Ansible, terraform)● Work as an on-call engineer for alerts regarding monitoring systems only Company descriptionData Residency as a Service USA-based Startup Working on the edge of technologies in a distributed team Tech AWS Lambda, RabbitMQ, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

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